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Affordable courier and warehousing services are just a call away.

Fast and Safe Freight Transportation in Ontario

Shoreline Express Courier Services Inc. provides a trustworthy freight transportation service in Ontario, Quebec and 31 US States. Our company specialises in shipping of critical documents to your required destination safely and on-time. Our transport services are operational 24/7 to take your goods to their destination as soon as possible. 


We constantly track the location of our trucks using satellite tracking, cellular phones and advanced electronic 2-way radios. For better time management, our team constantly monitors border crossing conditions.

Guaranteed Same-Hour, Same-Day Deliveries

You can trust our guaranteed same-hour, same-day, overnight, expedite and LTL delivery services to ship your goods to a destination without any delays. With our 24/7 live tracking systems installed on the trucks, we can give you information well in advance if there is going to be any delay in the shipment due to unavoidable reasons. 

We provide shipping services for a load weight ranging from 0 lbs. to 27,000 lbs. to various international and domestic locations. We strive to give you a service that is hassle free and efficient. Call us now to get a quote.

Keeping the Drivers Happy

While most drivers have to take some time out to get ACI (Advanced Commercial Information) clearances for the cargo they are carrying on their trucks, we at Shoreline Express Courier Services Inc. do this tedious task for them so that their focus remains on bringing your goods to you safe and sound.

We also handle all the relevant paperwork for the drivers. So when drivers leave the yard, they have all their ACI clearance papers ready

We don’t leave our drivers stranded during an emergency. Whenever a driver calls, we always have someone in office at all times to help them out.

Affordable Warehousing Facility

Our business runs a sprawling 5,000 sq. ft. warehousing facility. Whether you have a short-term or long-term requirement, you can trust our service to be safe and affordable. We also have alarms and video cameras installed to ensure the safety of your goods.

Guaranteed Fast Service

Choose from our same-hour, same-day or overnight delivery service.

Shipping to Locations in the US

We monitor cross border conditions to ensure your courier reaches on time.

Efficient Courier Movement

Our business gives you a prompt reply to all your shipping queries

Safe and Reasonably Priced

Find out more about our affordable warehousing services.

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