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From Humble Routes to Far-Reaching Trust and Satisfaction

In 1999, Marty Souch started a courier services company, Shoreline Express Courier Services Inc., with just one vehicle. Running the company alone, he was only able to serve Southwestern Ontario. Fast forward to today, the business has grown multiple-fold. The business now employs a total of 12 people and serves all of Ontario, Quebec and 31 US states. 

The fleet size has also expanded to 7 vehicles. Starting only with min-vans, Shoreline Express Courier Services Inc. has now expanded to other types of vehicles like cargo vans, cube vans and straight trucks.

Personalised Service You Can Trust

We handle all kinds of courier, right from a small envelope with critical documents to load weighing 27,000 lbs. We aim to give the best in courier services by providing a proof of delivery (P.O.D.) to you after the goods reach their destination. 

Some of our clients include companies like Siemens/Northpoint Technical Services Canada, Waterville TG North America, UBE North America Automotive, Container Design Services, Chrysler, Ford, General Motors and Honda.

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