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Contact our office for any inquiries about the services we offer.

Ontario’s Superior Cross Border Shipping Services

Shoreline Express Courier Services Inc. of Ontario specialises in cross border shipping to the United States. We can deliver your shipment to most locations in the United States. Trust our services to have your courier delivered safely, while being cost-effective. Our team strives to have your shipment moved through the customs efficiently by monitoring border crossing conditions, so that it is delivered to your client on time. The Bluewater Bridge Report, for instance, informs us about the border crossing conditions in Sarnia. 

Our shipping service also covers food items. However, we can only deliver food items that don’t require refrigeration. Call us to tell us about your requirement and we will provide you with a quote.

We Are a Bonded Highway Carrier

Being a bonded highway carrier, Shoreline Express Courier Services Inc. has the necessary permits to carry in-bond goods beyond of arrival in Canada and between points inside Canada. We don’t require the release from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). This helps us to deliver your goods faster.

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