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Contact our office for any inquiries about the services we offer.

Freight Forwarding Experts from Ontario

Our team at Shoreline Express Courier Services Inc. in Ontario provides reliable freight forwarding services. We coordinate with all the parties efficiently to make sure that the shipment of goods reaches from one place to another without any difficulties and in a cost-effective manner. We specialize in managing the logistics of your shipment and aim to provide you a service that brings your goods safely to you in a timely manner.

What’s Special About Our Freight Forwarding Service?

Our advanced communications systems help provide immediate responses to your shipping inquiries.
Our customer representative will give you a proof of delivery (P.O.D.) upon delivery.
We offer customs brokerage services for shipment into and out of Canada.
Our business offers a pick and pack services.

Call us now and get an affordable and trustworthy freight forwarding service that you require for the shipment of your goods.

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