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Contact our office for any inquiries about the services we offer.

Guaranteed Same-Hour, Same-Day Courier Services in Ontario

Shoreline Shoreline Express Courier Services Inc. is Ontario’s courier services specialists. If you are looking to ship a load weighing between 0 lbs. and 27,000 lbs., we can get it done. Our services are available in Ontario, Quebec and 31 US states. Our business is proficient in the transportation of freight and critical documents. May it be a small package or a heavy box, Shoreline Express Courier Services Inc. will have it shipped to the destination. We guarantee same hour, same day, overnight, expedite and LTL shipping.

24/7 Transport Services

Our transport services are operational 24/7 to take your goods to their destination as soon as possible. We undertake all kinds of shipping work, no matter if it is a local hauling job, or a long-distance one. If you have some cargo to be delivered on an urgent basis, you can opt for our hot shot service. 


Furthermore, we provide air freight shipping services to both domestic and international locations. Our business also offers pickup-and-pack service. If you are looking to ship food items, we can deliver them for you as long as they don’t require refrigeration.


Here are the types of vehicles we have in our fleet:

24 footer
Over 9ft or longer
Cargo van

Receive a Personalised Service

Our customers receive personalised services. This means that we assign a customer service representative to you who clearly understands your business and your requirements. The representative will also give you a proof of delivery (P.O.D.) upon the delivery of goods. Even before your cargo reaches its destination, we can track its location with the help of satellite trackers installed onto the vehicles.

We ensure that you receive an immediate response to your shipping inquiries by setting up advanced communication systems, so that you can share all the details with your clients. We also help with faster clearance and delivery of your shipment into and out of Canada by offering you customs brokerage services.

Warehousing and More

Some of our other services include providing warehouses for storage, courier service through our trucking division. We also monitor border crossing conditions. Contact us today.

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